Marcie Renae Trivette represents finest in Concord

King Financial Corporation is sponsoring Miss Concord United States, Marcie Renae Trivette, for the Miss North Carolina United States competition in Charlotte, NC on January 27th & 28th, 2017.

Marcie Trivette

Marcie Trivette represents Concord at Miss North Carolina United States on January 27th & 28th, 2017

Last year, Marcie Renae Trivette was crowned Miss Concord United States 2016, an honor owed to her beauty both inside and out. Marcie is well-known in Concord for her outgoing nature, but also for her actions with promoting No Kid Hungry, Autism Speaks and other philanthropic endeavors.

Marcie Renae Trivette represents the best in Concord, NC and the best in our country. She has stated that she wants to embody the true spirit of “complete and total beauty” in life through her giving back to the community. King Financial Corporation is pleased to support her as a Silver Sponsor.

Autism is close to home for Marcie who has a sibling on the autism spectrum. She founded the Autism Speaks U chapter at Appalachian State University in 2011 and she has been active in lobbying for the autism insurance bill to pass through the house and senate in North Carolina. Autism Speaks looks for solutions for those impacted by autism through advocacy and increased understanding and acceptance of those who struggle with the disorder. By advancing research and educating the public on what autism spectrum disorder means to families impacted by the condition, Autism Speaks is making a difference in communities everywhere.

Marcie Renae Trivette is also advocating for the need to help more of our country’s children with hunger issues. The No Kid Hungry campaigns are ending child hunger in America by connecting kids to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals.

No Kid Hungry works to help our most vulnerable children in the United States.

January is a special time for Marcie and the other women who are stepping onto the state level stage to promote their causes and personal flairs. The goal of the Miss United States Pageant is to provide a life-changing experience for young women while giving a stage to their causes. Volunteerism is central to what the Miss United States Pageant promotes, and the emphasis on intellect, moral character and excellence brings contestants from all 50 states and U.S. territories to a gala national pageant in Orlando, FL. Marcie is vying for the chance to compete in Orlando later this year.

The Miss United States National Pageant Organization® contestants are carefully selected to represent the best our country has. Those women who are sure-footed and know what they want out of career, family and appearance represent the field of contenders. The Miss United States National Pageant system helps women like Marcie Renae Trivette advance their agendas to a wider audience.

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