Employee Benefits

King Financial Corporation understands Employee and Executive benefits. Business owners should work with an expert who understands the many requirements, tax savings and options when choosing how to cover employee benefits. By law, an employer must provide Social Security and workers’ compensation insurance, while optional benefits may include health care insurance options or retirement benefits. Because the legal and tax implications for the employer can be significant, it’s crucial for business owners to work with a professional such as King Financial Corporation, to help ensure compliance.

Our expertise includes Group Disability Insurance, Group Life Insurance, Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance.

We’re experts in shopping options for employee benefits that not only improve the life quality of workers, but also help promote a spirit of growth and continuance that can help the underlying value proposition of a company. Additional benefits may include housing, disability income protection, retirement benefits, daycare and tuition reimbursement, sick leave, or other highly specialized benefits.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are dictated by U.S. federal regulations and are instrumental in the lives of the employees and the families who work for your business. Employee benefits also impact retention and the ability to hire new workers who are seeking security.

Executive Benefits

Executive benefits deal with retention, business continuation, supplemental benefits for owners and executives that aren’t subject to ERISA guidelines. Highly specialized Retirement Plans and Deferred Compensation Plans provide employees with additional executive benefits. King Financial Corporation has the experience and understanding to guide these benefits, implementing strategic plans to maximize talent, minimize risk and to ensure business continuation.

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