Retirement planning with Brian King

Knowledge and experience are essential when retirement planning. Brian King is one of Concord’s only independent financial advisors specializing in retirement planning. He plays a central role in the financial future of local corporations and families who want assistance creating a complete retirement planning strategy.

There are no packaged retirement planning solutions at King Financial. We listen to our clients from the very beginning and make decisions based on individual needs.

How does King Financial approach market volatility?
Traditional CDs and money market accounts don’t typically benefit from low interest rates. For this reason King Financial might recommend investment strategies that benefit from market volatility. In many cases, stock market portfolios can be a valid growth strategy for retirement planning. It may be debated whether volatility is good for the overall economic forecast of the United States, but the best retirement planners who actively manage investment portfolios for their clients are exploiting market volatility for financial gain.

There are retirement planning strategies that exploit low interest rates to bring steady financial gains

Multi-manager diversification for retirement planning identifies opportunities and exploits inefficiencies in financial markets. King Financial Corporation is independent of any single investment management firm and not limited to using single-manager portfolios the way a lot of the big investment banks do.

Retirement Planning for individuals

Retirement Planning for individuals

Brian King will use different institutional investment managers including those who may not be available to retail investors. By having multiple money managers in his arsenal, King keeps a highly differentiated investment process that can benefit clients tremendously.

Retirement Planning with Brian King

Retirement Planning with Brian King allows you to line up all your priorities.

King Financial is independent and unbiased in their approach to recommending investment managers to clients.

Using multiple managers with highly differentiated investment processes and expertise can enhance diversification with lower volatility than that experienced by single-manager portfolios. Retirement planning strategies may include investments that will benefit when markets are volatile.

King Financial is independent and unbiased in their approach to recommending investment managers to clients.

Responsible retirement planning starts with the individual. King Financial will listen to your existing strategies and goals, and then make a customized recommendation after collecting more information about what your goals are for the future.
King Financial offers extensive services that can be customized to each circumstance. Brian King is a retirement planner who has worked extensively with corporations to provide investment tools to employees. He also specializes in handling retirement planning for individuals. Brian King starts by listening to your retirement planning goals. Second, he works to evaluate all your dynamics to encourage security and manage growth. Third, he helps to implement and review retirement planning strategies for you. Adjustments are made whenever needed.
Retirement Planning in Concord, NC

Retirement Planning is more than having a 401(k).

Individuals are different than businesses in the way they are taxed, their emotional dynamics and each individual’s life plans. Brian King will spend a lot of time focusing on the importance of getting a plan that makes sense. Brian King makes it a priority to meet with all his clients individually to work through details and cater retirement planning solutions specific to financial goals. Evaluating all the complexities of retirement planning and recommending a course of action is all part of the way King Financial maintains a loyal client relationship following.

Retirement Planning for families

Retirement Planning for families

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