Portfolio Category: Our Approach

Considering Bigger ROI

What are the factors that cause some investments to outperform their peers across multiple markets in given geographic regions? Our research suggests that clients can start by diversifying by asset classes – including equity, fixed-income and alternative-investment portfolios, and also consider what types of investment strategies work best across various phases of the economic cycle…
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Investment Planner

Multi-manager diversification can distinguish our services from other investment services. The manager selection process is one that we take care engineering as your investment planner. We believe in investment manager diversification and support this practice with our step-by-step approach that starts with identifying opportunities, inefficiencies and diversified sources of returns in the markets. Investment Planner:…
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Portfolio Construction

Portfolios consist of multiple layers of diversification designed to optimize return while managing risk. The number and variety of investment choices keep growing all the time. Each market and segment possesses different characteristics, return potential and risks. Portfolio Construction: Multiple Layers of Diversification King Financial Corporation believes that division of assets is only the beginning…
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Risk Management Strategies for Investing

King Financial Corporation commits significant resources to oversight of the investments our clients choose. We've allied with financial tools that focus on research, portfolio strategy and manager monitoring. Our risk management strategies for investing are unmatched.  King Financial uses financial products implemented by managers who stick to their assigned investment styles to assure that desired…
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