Portfolio Category: Our Approach

About Brian King

King Financial Corporation was founded in 1998 by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner Brian King. Brian is the owner of King Financial Corporation and did prior work at Wachovia Bank in Retail Bank Management. As an independent advisor, Brian King has the freedom to devise strategies on a case-by-case basis, as well as the flexibility to…
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Tax Management Strategy

Not taking taxes into consideration can hurt your chances of meeting your objectives. It’s not just the money you earn that counts – it’s what you keep. If left unchecked, taxes can reduce an investor’s after-tax return significantly. Tax Management – Keeping more! King Financial Corporation's investment process includes techniques designed to help you keep…
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Asset Allocation

Contrary to what many individual investors believe, market timing and stock selection are not the keys to reaching investment goals. In fact, the most important step in the investment process is deciding how to allocate assets among broad asset classes such as stocks, bonds and cash alternatives. Getting the asset mix right is essential. Research…
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Considering Bigger ROI

What are the factors that cause some investments to outperform their peers across multiple markets in given geographic regions? Our research suggests that clients can start by diversifying by asset classes – including equity, fixed-income and alternative-investment portfolios, and also consider what types of investment strategies work best across various phases of the economic cycle…
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