• About Brian King

    About Brian King

    King Financial Corporation was founded in 1998 by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner Brian King. Brian is the owner of King…

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  • Accessing Kestra Financial

    Accessing Kestra Financial

    Brian King is independent, but not alone. King Financial Corporation chooses to be a part of Kestra Financial because it…

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  • The meaning of CFP Board affiliation

    The meaning of CFP Board affiliation

    Brian King is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and believes CFP Board affiliation represents the highest standard in money management.…

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  • Unbiased Insurance Consultation

    Unbiased Insurance Consultation

    King Financial Corporation works as a teacher and educator of the options available to investors. We educate after evaluating the…

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  • Tax Management Strategy

    Tax Management Strategy

    Not taking taxes into consideration can hurt your chances of meeting your objectives. It’s not just the money you earn…

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  • Asset Allocation

    Asset Allocation

    Contrary to what many individual investors believe, market timing and stock selection are not the keys to reaching investment goals.…

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  • Considering Bigger ROI

    Considering Bigger ROI

    What are the factors that cause some investments to outperform their peers across multiple markets in given geographic regions? Our…

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  • Investment Planner

    Investment Planner

    Multi-manager diversification can distinguish our services from other investment services. The manager selection process is one that we take care…

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  • Portfolio Construction

    Portfolio Construction

    Portfolios consist of multiple layers of diversification designed to optimize return while managing risk. The number and variety of investment…

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