Vacation home mortgage calculator in North Carolina

It's important to make a rock-solid plan before buying a second home.  Our vacation home mortgage calculator plus estimated expenses is a good place to start planning for the purchase of your dream getaway, and consulting a CFP Practitioner® is always a good idea when considering major financial decisions. From the outset, a schedule of…
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We love our famous people from Concord, NC

Success is in the blood of North Carolina, and there seems no limit to the famous people from Concord, NC. Investing in Concord goes beyond money to recognizing those leaders big and small who are making a huge difference. With more than 85,000 people living in the city, Cabarrus County boasts more than its share…
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MXGP Motocross in Concord means business

Cabarrus County is where racing lives! Of course, we're talking specifically about world-class car racing—even more specifically, NASCAR racing. But that's all about to change with Motocross in Concord and Cabarrus County's very own world-class motocross championship event called the Monster Energy MXGP of the Americas. The Grand Prix event will be held on September…
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Why investment worked for Hetty Green

Whoever said women don't make good investors obviously don't know about Hetty Green. Hetty's frugal investment strategy was simple. Buy low, sell high. Helped by her thrifty eccentricities, Hetty was adept at making money on Wall Street and used these talents to become the richest woman in the world. When Hetty Green died in 1916…
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